The 6 Best Dropshipping Niches in 2019 To Get Maximum Profit


In the dropshipping business, choosing the right niche product will help your business earn huge profits and avoid quite a lot of competitors, especially large businesses. So what is a niche product and what are the most profitable dropshipping niches in 2019?

What is a Niche product?

A niche market is understood as a small segment of the market or a market gap with a target audience consisting of a specific group of customers. Businesses selecting niche markets focus their efforts on most small markets, focusing on the needs of a specific group of customers rather than competing to gain market share in large markets.

What is a niche product
What is a niche product? – What is a good niche product to sell?  (Image: Internet)

Therefore, niche products are products that meet the needs of a specific group of customers, often produced in small quantities. Choosing niche products requires businesses to carefully research the market because the market for these products is not much. The misleading choice can cost a lot of business.

For example:

The shoe market is divided into different segments. Running shoes, high heels or transgender shoes will be considered a niche product.

Why do dropshippers need a niche product?

Finding a niche product will bring the dropshipping activities of merchants a lot of benefits:

  • Competition: Appropriate niche products will help dropshippers minimize effective competition by the level of specificity of the product. At that time, your business will be “a big fish in a small pond”.
  • Clear target audience: Identifying niche products will help specify the target audience for dropshippers. Therefore, dropshippers can easily find their customers and easily reach them.
  • Higher profits: Because niche products are specialized products, customers will be willing to pay higher prices than usual.
  • Customers often tend to be more loyal.

How to find dropshipping niches?

Products that solve the problem

This is an effective tactic for you to start selecting a niche product for your business. You can see opportunities for niche products in everyday life such as products with superior improvement and functionality, potential ignored markets or unique marketing campaigns.

dropshipping niches - niche product that solve problem
How to find niches for dropshipping – Niche products that solve the problem (Image: Internet)

Not only that, the opportunity to find a niche product is also right in your daily life. Try to look at your daily life, what makes you obstacles? Is there a product that can solve that hurdle for you? Maybe you will find a great business idea for yourself.

Choosing niche products sometimes doesn’t require as much effort and complexity as you once thought.

Products that you and many others are passionate about

To be honest, starting a business will take a lot of time, effort. Starting a business can also go through a lot of challenges, but success has but many failures.

Therefore, finding a product related to your passion will help you be inspired and more persistent with your business activities. At the same time, it also helps you find a great niche market of people who are passionate about you.

Trendy products

Starting a dropshipping business with a trendy product is not a bad idea. However, in order to do this, dropshippers need to update the trends constantly. The drawback of these trendy products is that they are often short-term and difficult to choose as a long-term business product for dropshippers.

Dropshipping Niches - Trendy Products
Dropshipping Niches – Trendy Products (Image: Internet)

However, the trendy products business is extremely suitable for dropshipping businesses. Because dropshipping businesses do not have to worry about inventory and storage issues, they are not too affected by the short-term of the product.

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Products can build brands

If you want to pursue a long-term business and have a reputation in the e-commerce industry, then branded products you should not ignore. However, finding these products also requires dropshippers to spend a lot of time researching their products, markets, and target audience.

Finding the most profitable dropshipping niches using Amazon

Amazon is the largest retailer in the world and this is the only place you can find everything in the world. Therefore, if you want to find your own super-profitable niche market, you should start from Amazon.

dropshipping niches - finding niche products from Amazon
Dropshipping niches – Finding niche products using Amazon (Image: Internet)

Amazon is especially great to help you find a super-specific segment and best-selling products. You can even choose ‘best sellers’ from the navigation bar at the top of the page just below the search box and see what is currently best for sale.

You will definitely find yourself a niche market on Amazon. The “Best Sellers” page on Amazon is updated hourly, making it a solid resource to find niche products for dropshipping businesses.

The 6 best dropshipping niches that are profitable in 2019

Smartwatch accessories

The global smartwatch market shows rapid growth over recent years – about 7.3% per year. This is a great opportunity for dropshipping store owners.

Dropshipping Niches - Smart Watch Accessories
Dropshipping Niches – Smart Watch Accessories – The 6 best niches for dropshipping 2019 (Image: Internet)

The growing demand for smartwatch and the growing interest in customizing and personalizing products is a huge opportunity for dropshipping store owners. Dropshippers can benefit from this growth by selling the necessary accessories for smartwatches.

It is reasonable to expect that smartwatch accessories will be a fairly lucrative field for dropshippers. Don’t hesitate to search for them at your dropship provider now!

Antistress toys

Do you know why fidget spinners suddenly became popular for a while?

Dropshipping Niches - AntiStress Toys
AntiStress Toys – List of dropshipping niches (Image: Internet)

The reason may be because people have so much stress, fatigue that goes through every day. This is why they use toys similar to fidget spinner to relieve stress gently. And most importantly, these toys often have low prices. This will be a dropshipping niche product that you should consider in 2019.

Reusable shopping bags

A reusable shopping bag is not only a fashion accessory but also a detail of your sense of consumption and environmental awareness.

Following the user search graph of reusable shopping bag products, we can see a growing level of user interest in this product. Users increasingly want to boycott plastic bags. Because It’s difficult to decompose and it causes special harm to the environment. Even paper bags are gradually being ignored by consumers because although they are environmentally friendly, they can only be used once.

Dropshipping niches - Reusable shopping bags
Reusable shopping bags – Most profitable dropshipping products (Image: Internet)

You can easily find suppliers of reusable bags on Aliexpress with fancy designs, cute designs and extremely easy to use every day.

Organic products

Along with the booming “green living” movement around the world, organic products have also grown exponentially in the last 1-2 years. Some studies show that consumers are often willing to spend more on products made from nature.

Keeping up with market trends, some products of organic origin, such as essential oils to activated carbon charcoal toothbrushes, etc. all saw very high growth in demand.

Minimalist luggage

Tourism is a niche market that you should not ignore because people never stop traveling.

Dropshipping niches - Minimalist luggage
Dropshipping niches – Minimalist luggage (Image: Internet)

Lately, people have been starting to go crazy with the trend: Minimalist luggage. Simply because anyone does not want to carry too bulky luggage for the trip, making them quite difficult to move. Everyone wants their luggage to be arranged, packed scientifically and space-saving.

So products that help minimize luggage will be a wiser choice for you.

Gaming Setups

Did you know that out of the 7.6 billion people in the world today, 2.2 billion are now gamers including professionals and amateurs?

This is a potential niche market for you. These niche products such as VR boxes, controllers, keyboards, etc. are just a few examples that you can choose to do business.


There are many niche products for you to get started in the Shopify dropshipping business. However, it is important to bring in monthly growth profits, you need an effective marketing campaign.

You need to brand your Shopify store in line with your niche market and what customers looking for products fall into this segment.