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Eggflow’s Shopify apps: Latest Updates


August 6 Updates

From May 25, General Data Protection Regulation officially takes effects. This promises to bring a lot of changes to a merchant’s business routine, especially when those organizations in non-compliance may face heavy fines.

What is GDPR?

So, what changes have you done to stay compliant with this newly adopted regulation? If you are confused about what to do and how to do it, maybe it’s time for you to rest assured. Eggflow’s new updates help you out with this.

Just an app and some simple settings, and ping! No more concerning about GDPR compliance.

Shop Secure: GDPR Compliant Consent Banner

This most noticeable update comes from Shop Secure. The feature allows you to add a GDPR consent banner to your website. Also, all activities using your website visitors’ cookies are suspended until your visitors grant their consent by clicking Accept.

GDPR consent banner

Settings for your consent banner


How the banner is shown in your store

Show EU only

You can also avoid inconvenience to visitors from countries outside of Europe by activating the banner only in EU countries.

Just with some simple settings, you can set yourself free from concerns about spontaneously breaking this strict regulation.

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Instant Buy: Track Add-to-cart event from all buttons

Now you can add your Facebook pixel code into ALL Add-to-cart buttons in your Shopify store, including the default button by Shopify and the button you created with Instant Buy.

This extends your Facebook Audience of people who added products to their cart with a higher accuracy.

track add to cart button


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Smartpop: Integration with Hubspot, Mailchimp, Sendy

Integration with email marketing systems is the highlight of Smartpop’s updates in August. Now that the integration with popular email marketing systems is available, quick and easy, you can import customer email addresses into Hubspot, Mailchimp or Sendy to keep your campaigns constant.


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General: Merchant onboarding updates

Instant Buy and Shop Secure have a small change in the merchant onboarding. Now all of your experience with the app will be embedded within Shopify Admin, which reduces the loading time and improves your experience.



Instant Traffic: Display advertising algorithm

Last but not least, in order to optimize the display of your product advertisements, Eggflow team has been working on some updates for Instant Traffic display ads algorithm. Now, the display of your products ads is dependant on 3 major factors:

1. CTR

Advertisements with higher click-through rates will be displayed more in comparison to advertisements with low or unsteady CTR.

2. The amount of traffic you contribute to the community

If you have already been generating a stable amount of traffic to your store, advertisements displaying products from your store will be displayed more to ensure an equality to your store’s traffic.

3. The plan you are using

Advertisements of people using premium plan take priority over those using free plan. Your advertisements get displayed more when you upgrade your plan to the premium plan.

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June 28 updates

It’s been two weeks since our latest app went public on Shopify Apps Store. As the app installation keeps growing, Eggflow is proud that we are helping more and more Shopify merchants boost their stores’ traffic.

With the desire to bring merchants with the best apps to accelerate your selling on Shopify stores, Eggflow team has been working hard to collect all of the customers’ feedback so far, fix the bugs and improve the apps’ features to meet the users’ actual needs.

Take a look at the apps’ updates on June 28. The new versions of the apps promise to boost your store even more and bring you the best selling experience.

What’s new?

Instant Traffic

1. Tweak your ads notification

Besides the updates to make your ads capture more of your customers’ attention, Instant Traffic users can now edit more of the products information as they want it:

  • Add “Compare at price” badge for on-sale items
  • Edit title, original price, on-sale price and stock availability (short description) of the product ads


2. Automatically categorize products – More accurate product categories

When users import a product into ads to display in partners store, instead of selecting a category manually, the system automatically detects category for that product.

What does that mean?

This increases the accuracy of the products category when you have certain categories that you don’t want to display in your pages. If people are free to select categories for their products, you may get unwanted products displayed in your store.

3. Excluded product categories updated

Products from adult stores can now be blocked from your pages.

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Shop Secure

1. Administrators are counted by IP address

If you are already Shop Secure user, you may know that the functions of the app do not apply to administrators of the website. That means if you are using Shop Secure to disable right-clicks in your store, as administrator, you will still be able to right-click.

In Shop Secure previous version, only people using the same browser as you are counted as the administrators of your website. If you are using another browser or other devices to enter your store, your access gets rejected, which is confusing and inconvenient.

We’ve made a small algorithm change in this feature update. In the new version of Shop Sure, everyone from the same IP address as you will be seen as the administrators of your website. This means the people using the same internet as you also have full access to your pages.

2. Enable/Disable toggle for administration mode

The administration mode can be turned off anytime. When turning off this mode for the administrator of the website, the system will see you as a normal visitor.

We suggest that unless you want to test if the app works properly, you should not turn off this administrator mode. You may block your own access to your store, which can lead to many inconveniences.

3. Custom “Access denied” page URL.

When a visitor from blocked countries visits your store, instead of showing them the “Access denied” page, you can redirect them to a certain website.

This feature plays its role when you are segmenting your customers and have a unique marketing plan for each target market.

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Instant Buy

1. Show/hide add-to-cart button by display scenarios

The add-to-cart button can now be hidden when customers scroll down to save the space on the screen. There are three options for users to adjust how the button is shown:

  • Always show: The button stay fixed on the screen and will not be hidden
  • 50% scroll: The button appears when customers scroll half way through the page.
  • 10% scroll: The button appears when customers scroll 10% through the page.
2. Edit font size of your Add-to-cart button:

Add-to-cart button can be changed into Buy me, Shop now, etc.

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Fix some bugs

Along with these updates, people dealing with some displaying errors can rest assured that all errors have been fixed. Eggflow would like to send our sincere thanks for your report and the patience for the app in spite of the problems you encountered.

Stay tuned with Eggflow powerful apps and enjoy seeing your sales being boosted!

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