Tips To Improve Facebook Page Retention Rate


Retention rate – the story about return customers. It is easy to understand that the cost to convert new customers exceeds the cost to maintain customer relationship to make them become return customers.

In digital marketing, a page is a significant channel, especially for building customer relationships. So this article will give you an answer about how to make your customer return or, in other words, increase page retention rate.



Save cost, do not save compliments! It is the slogan when you want customers to feel that they are respected or even, at the higher level, honored.

Please give compliments to your customers as smart customers, for example. There is a famous beauty blogger who often starts her videos by saying ‘Hi beauties!”

Keep in mind that absolutely do not give negative comments about customers, even when they are so annoying. Using words and structures show respect as if your customers were seniors or partners.


FAQ, consulting service and the live stream is vital tactics to keep a good relationship with customers on pages. It takes time to reply to all of the customer comments, but it worths. Even for automatic generated comments or messages, the feeling of interacting with real supporters should be created.

When consulting, try to lengthen the conversation. Although this depends on the characteristics of brands, basically, the longer the conversation is, the customer is more impressed with your fan page and brands.


Do not bombard your target audience with only ads, ads, and ads. This is the most terrible taboo in content writing. Customers do not have a good view of brands which just boast about their products. Bring customers useful information.

For example, your products are cosmetics. You should update the news about fake cosmetics, skincare, makeup, etc.


In short, you have to make your customers think that you help them to shop smartly and good for them.


It is simple, it means feedback!

A good practice is uploading thank-you and reviews from customers to show your potential customers. Telling stories of customers after using your products or service is truly weighted. The more happy and friendly, the better it is. Feedback represents quality and customer relation, and potential customers think, ‘Many people did believe this, why not?’


Last but not least, quality is the most important factor to build sustainability. Whatever tactics you use, your product or service is not good or useful, your customer will leave you soon. This depends on business ethics, whether business gives quality top priority. You have good products and good marketing strategies, so there is no reason for failure.