Ideas for a Facebook content plan


In Eggflow previous posts, we have gone through a blog content strategy. Your next step after taking care of your blog content is creating social media background to endorse your blog. In this post, let’s have a look at how to build a great Facebook content plan. As Facebook is one of the most popular and powerful channels for marketers to promote their brand.

Whether you are working on a blog or social media, content is always the leader of your campaign. As of its key role, let’s start with a couple of ideas for your Facebook posts.

Assuming that you are halfway through the content journey and struggling to find something inspiring for the next posts. Try flicking through the following clues to see if they help.

Create your Facebook content plan


Read blog

No matter what niche you are on, there is always someone else writing about it. Reading and learning from them is a good practice to get an overview of what you are working on. Only by gaining a comprehensive knowledge about your niche can you feel enough confidence to write about whatever you are interested in.

Answer frequently asked questions

Take a walk through forums, blogs and other channels that your customers are joining to see what questions are being asked. Conduct in-depth researches about those questions and create posts answering them. Posts of these kinds give you a good chance of driving more traffic, at the same time establish a relatively high credibility.

Record a video

In comparison to text, people prefer videos, especially ones that help answer a question within a few minutes. This is a way you can answer the aforementioned frequently asked questions. There are many tools you can use to easily create a video on your own, just conduct a small research to find which one suit you the best.

Interview an expert

Randomly pick a topic and invite an expert in your field to discuss that topic with you. Remember to consider issues to which people are paying their attention when choosing your topic.

Ask questions

When you are confused about what people care about, or when you seem having already gone through all problems, ask people for their help. Ask them questions about what they are, who they’re following, what event they are expecting to take place,… These interviews can inspire you with ideas for the next posts.

There are still so many things you can do to diversify content for your social media channels:

Say thank you: Acknowledge your audiences’ presence, this helps you retain and increase their loyalty.

Reshare your own old posts: Posts for celebrations, special events, great controversial posts,…

Share a quote: Friendship, relationship, happiness, success, tips, tricks, etc…

Write a list: Your experience or opinions about top best or worst places, books, habits,…


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