Seeding: Small But Powerful Touch Point


What is seeding in marketing?

Seeding is a vital part of digital marketing. Like the word meaning itself, seeding in marketing is similar to seeding in agriculture to get fruits in the future. The message you deliver is a seed and you need to seed in the soil and take care of them until you get fruit. Your message should be seeded in the right practice to achieve the best results.

When your content reaches a considerable audience, and that content is at least ok (it is not necessary to be excellent), it’s time to take the decisive action: Share.

concept agriculture planting seeding growing step in garden with sunshine


The necessary characteristic of a professional seeder


Instead of seeding without any plan in all groups, even if your content is not relevant to the topic of some groups. It is not a practice that works.

A professional seeder does in a different manner. The following example will show you how a smart seeder promotes their product: cupcake.

Cupcake is a kind of food, an ordinary seeder will share his cupcake photos in all groups related to food. It is nothing special and to be honest, it rarely works.


Think more about it. Who are your potential customers that are ready to take money out of their pocket to buy your cupcake? They are girls and ladies from 15 to 30 years old.

They can join some groups like shippers. Your post in the group that you are a 9-month pregnant lady craving for cupcakes, but no one is at home to ship your cupcake to her house. Remember to use your cupcake photo with your logo or brand name. Next, leave comments under the post for some users to see that and close by a comment that you already found the shipper.

After a period of time, you appear again in the group and tell the same story. After several times, you will leave group members the impression that the cupcakes of this brand are so delicious that this lady is addicted to it.

What do you think about selling cupcakes in a group about manga? Almost would say impossible. Actually, the thing is speaking the same voice in the same style in that group. If your post is excellent, of course, members are drawn in. But it is still okay if your post is terribly bad. At least, you already attracted the attention of the group members.

What you need is your storytelling skill and the key point is whether you are able to lead your story to the climax.

Practice makes perfect. Sharpen your seeding skills everyday!