How To Write Great Content With WH Questions


How to write great content for advertising has been one of the first questions for marketers. It is always the pain point for them as it is hard for technologies to touch in the room like that. Even the technologies support marketers to create creatives, the irreplaceable part is from creativity of marketers.

Every time you face screen to write ads texts, you ask yourself, ‘What should I write?’. Before you start typing the first letters, ask yourself WH questions as follows to make sure that your ad text works.

  1. WHO


Who is your target audience? Who are you writing for to read? Are they female or male? How old are they? What do they do and what are their interests?

For example, your audience is male in the middle age. It is sure that long introduction with light value or eye-catching titles do not work well. Instead of using these tactics, the content that is short, direct and condensed with sharp analysis generates more results. However, if your audience is a young female, eye-catching titles show better performance.


  1. WHY

Why are you writing ad text? For branding? For engagements? Or for customers? Whatever your objective is, clearly identify it first before creating any creative.



  1. HOW

How should you write ad text? Based on the answer for the question WHY, you can find out the answer HOW more easily.

– Why? Answer A: I write for getting new leads.

How? Your ad text have to provide solutions for audience’s pain points. Instead of wasting time on thinking about how to write attractive titles, state problems and solutions.

  • What are the problems of your potential customers?
  • And how can you solve those problems?

Simple, right?

– Why? Answer B: I write for more engagements.


  • Focus on the interests and behaviors of your target audience.
  • Use some small tactics such as giveaway by minigames, sharing materials, catching hot trends
  • Create emotional peak points to encourage people to react, even negative reactions such as angry
  • Call to Action: call to engagement actions such as like, share, comment, etc


– Why? Answer C: I write for brand awareness.

How? Personalize your brand in the conception of the public. Let’s consider your brand as a person named X. That means you should build X as an influencer in the community of your potential customer. Also, it is necessary to create and reinforce the relation link between X and customer emotion and values added to the community.

Keep in mind that never put detailed characteristics or features of products in an ad for branding.

For instance, your brand is for low-end or high-end customers? Which values does your brand add to your customers? Friendliness or luxury and elegant? How does it affect professions and society?

  1. WHAT

The final question to write an ad text. For professionals, answer all of the three questions above is enough for them to write an attractive ad text. But how about beginners? They should give an outline before detail-ize their content as follows:


  • Title: Why your target audience need to read more
  • Sapo: Link title and content
  • Information: about products and brand
  • Call to action: Direct customers
  • Contact information


So answering questions above will give enough input to generate attractive ad text. Last but not least, review each words, each sentence in your creatives before publishing. To be a good copywriter, you must be a detailed copywriter first.