Ad Creative Guru: The Vital Factor Of Powerful Ads


As the next part of creatives series, in this article, AdCoffee will provide you the deep understanding about the power behind any effective ads, Ad Creative Guru.

WHY do you need to be a creative guru or recruit a creative guru?

  • Increase revenue: Great creatives have been proved to have a much higher conversion rate compared to bad ones with the same target audience scale.
  • Reach more audience: Delivery channels give priority on great creatives as it improves the user experience. And the best part is the cost is lower at the same time.

Whichever option you choose, training yourself to become a creative guru, or recruiting a creative, you should be well aware of how a great creative is. So which factor can combine to have a great content?

  1. Idea first

A good idea plays a decisive role in good creative. As estimated, more than 74% of creative efficiency is based on a key idea.

What do you want to tell your audience? How do you hook them into your post?



  1. Picky in choosing words for use

After identifying your idea and outline for your creative, it is time to start the first words. What you need to do is choose words based on the desired style relevant to your idea.

Your ad will be ridiculous if your uses slang words used by teenagers to deliver the serious issues like insurance. Or you use formal and neutral words while your idea is telling a story about two young guys talking about dating girls.



For creatives for only one purpose, more generations, you should choose words that inspire imagination and feeling from the audience. It definitely leaves a strong impact on them, so you have more chances to get more engagements.
Are there any other factors in your opinion for great ad creatives? Please share with us in the comment box below!