How To Deliver Ads Smartly: Right Time – Right Place – Right Audience


As a marketer, you are aware that Facebook always put a priority on user experience no matter what changes have been implemented. As a result, that means you need to keep in mind and optimize your ad text to reach a higher rate and to deliver more effectively. Following is a number of tips about how to deliver ads smartly and boost your creative rate.

  1. Relevance score

– For the first 500 impressions, Facebook decide relevance score (1-10)
– Seeding Version 2: Why is it version 2? Forget the traditional seeding as soon as possible. Leaving comments such as ordering and giving awesome compliments does not work as users know which fake comments are. Users are more curious about controversial things than a phone number and fake comments.

For example: You are selling weight loss supplements. Instead of seeding comments like ‘Wow, I lost 3 kg’, please try this one. ‘Bitch, what a terrible weight loss pills, it takes up to 10 days to lose only 2 kg ><‘ . You reply that ‘As I told you, it is slow for our pills to take effect, but it is totally safe. And you also need to exercise for metabolism, you have seated for all 10 hours per day without any exercise while losing 10 kg. It proves that pills are effective.’ After that, other users jump in and leave comments like ‘Yeap, that’s right!’. This action is similar to setting up an accident on the road. It is sure that some stop to take a look and some ignore.

– Do not deliver ads after setting up: If you spend the time to notice, sometimes Facebook will notify a specific post is delivered better X% compared to others and you had chosen that post to deliver. The explanation for that is if you want to have a good ad, your ad should be a nice post first.

2. Engagement

– Engagement represents more on pages
– Many marketers are confused that with the same creative, the fact A have more page likes than B does not mean that the post on A has more engagements than B.
– Taking a look at your page insights, is your average post engagement higher than 2%?
+ If it is less than 2%, it shows that your page has a low interaction rate. Your posts reach users but they do not care.
+ How to boost the rate: Keep in mind that Facebook focus on community values more than a selling place. If you only write promotional content, and do not have any sharing for the target audience, Facebook do not appreciate your work even you pay much for that. 20% promotional content + 80% community content is a great recipe for your reference.

3. De- Time – Decay
– That is the decay time of your post
– Prepare new creatives to refresh your ads
– Update your page everyday

4. Bid
– For posts, it is impression rate.
– For ads, it is bid.
– If your relevance score, engagement and de-time-decay is good, the high bid is not necessary.
– Most of the marketers automatically bid ads, but some cases manually bid to take delivery at a good place at the right time.