Breakthrough in Visual Content on Social Media


Do you know how to make your content to be attractive and engagement driven? Do not stop at raw texts lack of color and imagination. Visual content is the Facebook Ad type of images, colors and impressive music to attract users at first sight.



Why do you need to read the article?

Eggflow knows you are looking for a method to vary your content on social media to achieve the goal of increasing conversion rate. Visual content is the key to understand customers, user taste and ensure conversion rate increase.

The article is divided into two main parts:

  1. Infographic explains why visual content plays such a significant role in social media, online advertising and mobile applications that brands can use for their visuals.
  2. 5 tools to create visual content

Let’s catch the key!

The power of visual content

power of visuals

Source: onespot

5 tools to create great visual content

With the mentioned statistics, it is sure that visual content is the key point to drive more engagements on your social networks. Eggflow is willing to share 5 wonderful tools to create stunning images and professional videos. With these tools, how to create visual content is no longer a big deal.


  1. Infographics 

Infographics are necessary to create viral content. Using Piktochart, you do not need to be a graphic designer to make good infographics.


  1. Create GIFs

GIFs are powerful took to leave your audience brand impression. How to make a GIFs within a few seconds? MakeaGIF allows marketers to make gifs from images and videos.


Please choose the image you are satisfied with, then arrange in turn they appear.

  1. Don’t forget emoji Emojione


  1. Animated video – anyone can be drawn in

There is one space in this world for you to freely be creative with animated videos. It is Moovly!

User-friendly interface allows you to create a cool video right after a short time of learning more.

  1. Turn a specific image into a video

There is software that is able to solve this work in a fast manner – Magisto.

Magisto allows editing videos and automatically new videos from images and videos. The free version limits the number of videos or images and the maximum length is 15 minutes.