10 Unbreakable Rules For Facebook Ads Headlines


Do you know Facebook ads headlines play an important role in the success of your advertising campaign? According to official statistics, it accounts for about 80% of the success of a certain Facebook ad. Users only spend about one second for your ad and your headline is part of the decision whether they read more or not. The number of people who read the headline is 5 times to the number of people who reads all ad content. So how to have eye-catching headlines to your customers? Unveil 10 unbreakable rules for engagement-driven headlines.


  1. A headline is one of the first things people see from your ads

If no one gets the message from an ad made by a certain brand, the ad will make no sense, resulting in budget waste. The role that headlines play is to attract readers by promising a certain result. Only when readers are drawn in by the headline is their demand driven to buy products or service brands provide.

  1. The number of people who read headlines is five times to the people who read all ad content.

The ad text is often used to explain/describe business ideas in detail, but it is often out of notice if the headline does not catch readers’ eyes. So a good headline is the one that delivers the key message of ads while bringing something useful to readers.

  1. Headlines should be extraordinary

When reading news and surfing news feed, almost readers hit the headlines first before deciding to read more the ones they are interested in. If your headlines sound similar to the ones readers have read before, it is hard for them to hit that again. That is the reason why headlines must be extraordinary and creative to spark curiosity in them.

  1. A headline is like a promise

A headline is like a promise that mentions to the demand of customers and offers the solution to pain points of customers.

  1. Headlines look like news

Customers are always attracted by something new and updated like the news they read every day.

  1. Long is better than short

Researches show that long headlines generate more results than short ones. That is because a long headline is more persuasive than a short headline. However, keep in mind that a headline should not include more than 12 words.

For Facebook Ads, the ideal length for a headline is about 40 – 50 characters (about 8 to 10 words). In addition, you can use some icons at the beginning and at the end of the headline to attract readers.

  1. Use attractive words

What are attractive words? They are words that spark readers’ curiosity such as ‘how’ and ‘why’. Other words with the same charm are ‘free’ and ‘new’.

  1. Use key words in headlines

Key words are often located in the first four words of a headline. Choosing nice words to start your headline brings you more chance to reach your target audience.

  1. Capitalize wisely

The best practice is all words start with capitalized letters and others are in normal form. This way differentiates your headline with other all-capitalized headlines.

  1. Show a number/figure in headlines

Numbers/figures are good for headlines. Numbers creates more trust from customers on products. The odd number attracts more compared to the even one (10 is the exception). For example, this article’s headline ‘10 Unbreakable Rules for Attractive Ad Headlines’ sounds better than ‘How to have attractive ad headlines’.

Eggflow has just shared with you 10 rules that advertisers should not miss to have nice headlines. Well-noted these rules and apply them to your ad creatives today!

Good luck with your campaigns!

Eggflow Team