How to optimize landing page conversion


A landing page is no doubt one of the most important elements in your journey of conquering your customers. Like blog and social media, landing page need a well-prepared content and layout in order to capture visitor’s information on their first visit. Just a small research on Google and you’ll be flooded with tools to create landing pages. However, being cool and attractive is not a thing you can easily achieve in your first creating a landing page.

In this post, we offer some tips for you to keep in your mind whenever you create a landing page. Those are pieces of advice from experts at inbound marketing who have considerable experience with landing pages.

1. Include a critical elements

Make sure your visitors know what on earth they are doing on your landing page. People come to a landing page with one common purpose: get your offer by providing their information. Make it clear they come to the right place by adding the following lines:

– Headline: The most eye-catching and the first thing visitors see after entering your landing page, a headline is also like a greeting to your visitors which give them a quick overview of your page.

– A brief description of the offer that clearly emphasizes its value

– At least one supporting image: Image has a better effect on visitors attention, it helps your visitors imagine what you are offering and motivate their submission.

– A form to capture visitors’ information: Of course, you can’t capture visitors’ information without a form.

2. Remove the main navigation

Whatever you want to deliver to your visitors, consider its importance and contribution to the mainstream of the landing page. Clicking on a link doesn’t cost people anything but can distract them, which leads to loss of conversion.

Another reason is some people just know what they need and what they are required to do. To them, any further explanation is just unnecessary and sometimes get them irritated.

For those reasons, from the first step of your landing page, create a button that leads the visitors directly to the form. Give them two options for reading your content and skipping it.

3. Match the headline towards a call to action

As mentioned before, the headline is like the introduction to your landing page, which refers relatively to your offer. Imagine you enter a landing page to get a series of instructional videos, and in the end, get offered an ebook. What you feel reflects exactly your visitors’ feeling if your headline doesn’t match your call-to-action. This may turn all your effort to dust in a second. So carefully pay your attention to this small detail.

A landing page created with AdCoffee

4. Be brief and descriptive 

Remember your visitors can handily find everything online, you should only present them what makes you unique. Focus on your offer and emphasise how it is beneficial to them. Those are two only facts that people care about: What makes you different, and whether they should give their information to get what you are offering.

6. Social sharing buttons

You are offering something of value, your purpose is to get people’s info, your ultimate objective is to get people aware of your existence. Given your offer is stunning and visitors want to share it on Facebook. Help them, facilitate their sharing with buttons. Wherever your prospect customers are spending their time, don’t miss out on it.

7. Only ask for information you really need

As once mentioned before in our previous posts, contact information is like currency in marketing. You require people to “pay” to get something you offer. For this reason, carefully consider the value of what you are offering and the amount of information you require visitors to submit. You may start with basic information in the first time, the next time your customers come back for something, you can ask for information with increased privacy, in return offer them something more valuable.

8. Submit button

Maybe this word has been overused, people now kind of watch out for it. As you are offering something of value, try replacing this sensitive word with some benefit like “Download Ebook”, “Get coupon”, “Start your free trial”,… Ensure visitors that return on their submission’s worth it.

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