Instagram Story Dimensions: Instagram Story Ideas from Creative Brands

So popular, in fact, that one year after that Mark Zuckerberg also introduces the story features to Facebook, which also has become a success (and Mark has more places to sell ads). In this article, you will learn what Instagram Story Dimensions is and how to use Instagram Story for your business. Then we will take a look at examples from brands for your motivation and inspiration.

How does Instagram Story work?

Instagram story is a feature that allows a user to share photos and video to those following their profile. People can use Instagram camera and filter to create live content and instantly upload it to Story. Besides photos and videos, one can create questions, polls or share music. Normal posts can also be shared in Story as well.

Story posts will always appear at the top of the Newsfeed in-app and on the top left of the desktop version. When someone clicks on a story, they will see the post within a time limit. Images stay for about 5 seconds while videos can be up to 15-second long. Live video can even reach a 60-minute limit. If no action on the post is taken, it will automatically change to the next story in queue. Unlike regular post, there is no likes or comment, instead story viewers get the option to direct message the poster. Currently, there seems to be no limit on how many stories one can make at once.

IG Story Dimensions | How does Instagram Story work? (Image: Internet)

While normal posts stay on unless deleted, a story post will only stay up for 24 hours, then it will disappear from everyone’s Feed, Profile and message. Afterward, the original poster will be able to see who has seen the post. If you want to keep a story on even after a day, then you can add it as a Story highlight and will stay below your profile picture. 

If you have more than 10,000 Instagram followers, Instagram gives you the option to add links to a story. This allows users to swipe up on a story to visit your link. This is very important for businesses which frequently make use of link post.

In 2019, there are 500 million active Stories users every day. If you are to make use of this feature, you will need to know the template for creating the best Instagram Story content.

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What are the Instagram Story Dimensions?

Instagram Dimension is the size of the image. It is a 1080 px by 1920 px, or a 9:16 ratio. You will find a template below, just right-click on it and choose “Save as” to download.

What are the Instagram Story Dimensions? – Instagram Story Size

Why Do You Need To Know Instagram Story Dimensions?

If you post a picture with a different ratio, for example with longer width, it will automatically be constricted to the 9:16 ratio. Important content can be left out or get cut entirely. Another annoying effect is that the picture can be zoomed in and reduce the quality greatly. When you are creating content for Story, keep this ratio in mind and create images specifically to fit with a vertical screen view. That way your story will get the best visual quality.

Another thing is how high-definition the image is. The better the quality, the longer it takes to load. 

  • Best, longest loading: 1080px : 1920px 
  • Good, medium loading: 720px : 1280px 
  • Picture start losing quality, much faster loading: 450px : 800px
  • The further down, the worse the picture will look. 

Instagram Story Mistakes to Avoid

Here is a quick list of checklist to go against when crafting an Instagram story

Not being consistent

Instagram Story carries a more friendly air, but as a business, this line needs to be maintained consistently and align with the image you want to project.

  • Does the tone of voice go with your brand and product?
  • What color scheme and font should you stick to?
  • Can emoji be added?


The story should be consistent and updated to what is happening right now on your page. That way, if a viewer is interested in your story, they can hop in your account to learn more about the topic.

Not mixing up formats

You should alternate between mediums, even within the same story streak. Keep seeing a still picture is kinda boring. Perhaps end your series of images with a video? Or a poll? Or a funny boomerang image? All in all, try to involve the viewer

Not have a clear topic

Don’t post for the shake of posting alone and make posts about as many things as possible. Have a focus for every post. One story at a time, and a call-to-action at the end. 

Posting too much text

Instagram is all about images. If you decide to make a text post, make use of typography, don’t just post plain text (they can be effective too, but use them sparingly).

Best Instagram Story Ideas from Brands

Go Behind the Scenes – Lego

In this series of videos and images, Lego shows the behind-the-scene for their Star War droid orchestra video. At the end is the sneak-peak of the final video and the link to the real YouTube video (they are able to do this since they have more than 10k followers) 

Very click-enticing. After all, you have come all the way to see how the video is made, you might as well see the real thing.

Instagram Story image size | Best Instagram Story Ideas from Brands – Lego (Image: Internet)

Create a Quiz – HubSpot

Hubspot frequently has interesting quizzes for followers to take part in. These touches on various aspects of running a business: from marketing to customer service (which is what Hubspot is about). 

This proves that even B2B  firms can have really engaging and entertaining contents. 

Instagram Story Dimensions | Best Instagram Story Ideas from Brands – Hubspot (Image: Internet)

Provide educational tips – Starbuck 

When Starbuck opened their new signing store back in 2018, their created a story highlights where they teach the followers how to order certain drinks in sign language. In the last image, they put a link to a post introducing their new store.

Notice how they create engagement by including a questionnaire asking what drinks in ASL (American Sign Language) people want to learn. It’s a good way to build up positive brand image, showing that they are thoughtful and considerate.

Instagram Story Dimensions | Best Instagram Story Ideas from Brands – Starbuck (Image: Internet)

Share fans’ images and review – Converse

Once you have build up followers, they become a perpetual content source. For Converse, they don’t simply have customers – they have fans. As such, sharing people’s images is a great way to stay connected with their fandom, showing acknowledgment and appreciation at the same time.

instagram Story Format| Best Instagram Story Ideas from Brands – Converse (Image: Internet)

Over to you

If you have to create an Instagram story for your store, what will you share with your follower? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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