About Us

Eggflow team

As a team of dreamers with a high aspiration towards making some changes to the world, we seek ways to be tuned in with what youngsters are doing and want to try if there’s anything Eggflow can help. We choose Inbound Marketing to start with because, among many aspects of business, this seems to be the most art-related one. Marketing is sometimes called the art of science, with psychologies, the science of behaviors, the studies of how people react to a particular situation and the prediction of it. What we’re trying to do is to go with you in the journey of conquering your customers.

What we offer

Our first product Eggflow is an inbound marketing tool, which facilitates the integration of your marketing processes. With Eggflow, all of your marketing efforts are integrated into one interface, making it easier to manage and consequently improve efficiency. Whether you are starters or marketing gurus, your marketing experience is going to be simpler than ever.

Contact us

Head office: 531A Upper Cross street, #04-95 Hong Lim Complex Singapore (051531)

Email: info@eggflow.com