Trending products 2019 for Shopify dropshipping

For dropshipping, product is everything. No matter how good your marketing is, ads won’t convert if the core product is not attractive enough. Understandably, testing and finding a winning product is never an easy job. In this article, you will find a list of new trending products 2019 that you can consider dropshipping. Even if you don’t, hopefully it will give you an idea of what to search for.

What makes a great product for dropshipping?

Some criteria for a good product to dropship are as below (I have combined and rearranged them in order of importance):

  • Unique and interesting: This is the most important factor. Before the customer read your sales pitch, your product must manage to catch their attention first. 
  • Hard to find elsewhere: With Google everywhere, how can you avoid customers finding out about competitors? Short answer: You can’t. What you can do, is to optimize and make your product different enough that it is hard to find the exact same thing. Sometimes it just needs to be some small details in the design. Other times, you can choose to carter to specific needs and niches
  • Not too expensive: As long as the price is not unusually high most people won’t bother too much with researching. from a customer’s point of view, a good price range for most products would be from around 50–60$. Any higher and they are more likely to reconsider.
  • Not too complicated: If possible, avoid large and fragile goods such as electronics or glassware. As a store owner, you will need to take care of customer service. The more complicated the goods, the harder it is to take care of shipping, returning and warranty.

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List of trending dropshipping products

Since we are talking about Shopify, I will focus on products that can be easily imported to the platform. All of the below items can be opened in Obelo and imported easily. Let’s find out “What products are trending now for dropshipping?” 



Otherwise known as a foundation garment, it is a type of underwear that can accentuate the body shape of the wearer and make it more visible. In the US, it has become popular to the point for many it is everyday wear.

Among shapewear, the high waist pants for women seem to be a particularly popular item. It offers a lot of flexibility as well: since there are many different types, you will have a diverse base of potential customers.

Trending products 2019 for Shopify dropshipping – Best selling products –  Shapewear (Image: Internet)


  • Retail price range: $20 – $23
  • Ad targeting: Female, clothing, fashion


Made from combining “athletic” and “leisure” (as in “leisurewear”), the term is for clothing designed for sport activities but is nonetheless worn in everyday life. Examples include tights, yoga pants and leggings. They have been trending lately and that doesn’t seem to cool down anytime soon.

High waist yoga leggings in particular is a good start. With the leggings as your main products, you can offer other fitness equipment as a supplement. There are a lot of different leggings designs to differentiate your store with, too.

Trending products 2019 for Shopify dropshipping – Trending products to sell 2019 –  Athleisure (Image: Internet)


  • Retail price range: $40
  • Ad targeting: fitness, fashion

2. Pet 

Pet-related products is an ever increasing niche. In the US alone, the pet industry is a lucrative market with 2019 expenditures estimated at  $75.38 billion. About 67% of US households have a pet, which makes pet grooming and pet toy products very potential.

Specialize in a species or even a breed is what will help you stand out and get more accurate reach.

Detachable Cat Massage Comb

Trending products 2019 for Shopify dropshipping – top trending products 2019 – Detachable Cat Massage Comb
  • Retail price range: $8 – $9
  • Ad targeting: Cats, Cat lover, pet. You might want to use Instagram and Facebook and your main channel of advertisement.

Electric pet nail grinder 

Trending products 2019 for Shopify dropshipping – Electric pet nail grinder (Image: Internet)


  • Suggested retail price: $15 – $24
  • Ad targeting: pet grooming, pet nail

3. Jewelry accessories

Among the many options in this niche, minimalist jewelry has seen a healthy rise in keyword search interest.

There are many choices available for dropshipping: from pendant necklaces to earrings with many great designs.

Trending products 2019 for Shopify dropshipping – Jewelry accessories (Image: Internet)


  • Suggested retail price: $24 – $38
  • Ad targeting: accessories, woman fashion. The best place for female accessories are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

4. Shoes

Safety shoes

Footwear has always been a profitable niche in dropshipping. Safety shoes in particular is seeing an upward movement in sales. As the selling point of the shoes is their durability, showing a video demonstrating this feature will surely attract a few eyeballs.

Trending products to  sell  2019 – Safety Shoes (Image: Internet)


  • Suggested retail price: $40-$50
  • Ad targeting: You can target based on professions in which shoes is necessary for working (people who have to walk or run a lot, for example). In addition, you can set up Google Shopping ads for “safety shoes” or “steel toe shoes”.

Breathable Mesh Shoes

Aside from safety shoes, the running mesh shoes still prove to hold its popularity. One of the best things since sliced bread, mesh shoes are durable, comfortable and suitable for both sport and casual wear.

Trending products 2019 for Shopify dropshipping – Breathable Mesh Shoes (Image: Internet)


  • Suggested retail price: $26-$40
  • Ad targeting: footwear, sport shoes

5. Posture corrector

Many jobs nowadays require sitting before a screen all day (mine, for example). Prolonged sitting causes strain on our spine and other health problems along the way. So it comes at no surprise that products helping people to sit correctly like the posture corrector becomes trending. You can provoke messages about  heath concern in your description and ad copy.

A wide variety specialized for women, men and kids give you many ways to stand out from competitors.

Best products  to sell  online 2019 – Posture corrector (Image: Internet)


  • Suggested retail price: $18-$20
  • Ad targeting: As with the safety shoes, you can target customers based on job titles. Jobs such as writer, programmer or office worker in general entail a lot of sitting.
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